The Naughty List

Title:  The Naughty List
Developers:  Dominic Mortlock
Genre:  2D Sidescroller
Platform:  PC
Environment:  Java
Development:  14/12/13 – 15/12/13 (2 days)

  • The Naughty List

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Have you ever wondered what Santa does to the people on his naughty list? Unfortunately, you got on that list this year. Santa decided to send you an early Christmas present: death by hitmen elves. Fight off the waves of elves to survive using your one and only arrow.

This game was made for LD 28 which had the theme “You Only Get One”. I was very happy with how this project turned out. Even though there were a few features missing like art for the level, and a death animation for the enemies, and more levels. Even though I had to scrap my first 12 hours of development, I was managed to put my head down to nearly complete the game.

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