The Adventures Of Maya

Title:  The Adventures Of Maya
Genre:  2D Action Sidescroller
Platform:  PC
Environment:  Java, libGDX, Box2D, Box2D Lights, Artemis, libgdx-utils
Development:  21/11/14 – 24/11/14 (3 days)

Download   | GameJolt

You take the role of Maya the dog during her adventure through the world of her dreaming imagination. The world is being invaded by the internet memes, and the most fearsome enemies: BARRELS.

Run around the beautifully designed levels and destroying as many of the invading memes as possible as they fall from the sky. Move around with WSAD, aim with the mouse, and left click to shoot. You get damaged if you let the memes get close enough to you, but can recover health by eating dog treats.

This game was made for the Indies VS PewDiePie game jam. The theme of this jam is “fun to play, fun to watch”, with an emphasis on laughter, so we decided to make a high action game revolving around internet memes that invade earth.

Dominic Mortlock (@locknic) – Project Lead, Programmer
Piotr Kołodziejczyk (@gradir_gamedev) – Artist, Level Designer
Julian Beutel (@julianbeutel) – Composer, Sound Designer

Alix Schwartz – Voice Acting
James Pianka – Voice Acting
Artur Janiak – Graphics, Level Construction
Nikola Kołodziejczyk – Music, Sound Effects

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  1. where can i get the source code for this?

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