Sudokil Devlog #3 – It’s starting to come together!

Over the past month and a half, I’ve been working hard on getting some new features into the game and getting a new version of the demo out. One of the first things I worked on was adding a level loader so that you don’t have to start from the first level every time you close and open the game. Plus it is really helpful for testing since I can easily make playgrounds and add them to the game. In terms of gameplay features I added a new networking system, and started the works of a current system so that you can have things like pressure plates releasing a current that can open and close doors or fire bullets from a turret.


While the programmer art is still in, I’ve been working on getting the game looking a little bit better. The first thing I did was to update the UI a bit so that it is a more polished and consistent style. Next I added lighting into the game! It was a lot easier than expected since I just had to implement box 2d and use the library box2d lights. The only thing I had to add that was a little difficult was giving each entity a box2d body that the game updates as entities move.

As for content, I polished the first two levels and completely redesigned the second one. After that I added level 3, 4 and a few playground levels for testing. With the new level loader you can try any of these out.


On some non visible features that I’ve worked on to help develop the game better, I’ve been working a lot on how my level construction works. Previously I was constructing my entities by hand in json, which was great because I could make entities really flexible with my entity component system, but got tedious when it came to making levels with many entities. Now, I’ve added a parser to read object properties from the tiled editor so that I can construct the entity components from inside the map editor! It has been a massive help, and I’ve now updated all the previous levels to use this new system.

I have a few focuses for the next release that I would love to get done. I am planning to start putting out new releases at the end of each month.

  • get some better art into the game
  • add a new puzzle and level (probably to do with circuits)
  • polish the older levels and split up level 1 so it isn’t so long
  • polish up level 4
  • bug fixes

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