Sudokil Devlog #2 – Computer terminals!

I’ve spent a bit of time coding a system that allows you to connect to a different filestructure from your terminal window. This means that I can have different access terminals around the level that you have to send a robot to in order to use their devices. In this example, I use a robot to connect to the terminal in order to open a door blocking the path.


I am starting to get a clearer picture in my head as to how I want the gameplay to be. I think I might have wires going out from each computer terminal attaching itself onto different devices. This way the player has a clear idea as to what computer terminal can access what. All the different connected systems could be colour coded? Maybe there could be some kind of wifi system? I did say STARTING to get a clearer picture.

There is still a lot of foundation work to be done, for example code infrastructure wise, I would like to at least get started on an in game level editor,  and improve the command line interface code. I think I might put that off for awhile though, and focus instead on constructing a prototype level. This way I can get  a clearer picture of how I want to game to be, and whether I can actually make it fun or not. On a different design note, I’d love to talk to some people familiar with unix scripting, and get some feedback to redesign the command line interface structure. This project is starting to sound more serious than I originally intended, but I am really enjoying it so I am going to keep dev-ing!

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