Sudokil Devlog #1 – Playing with CLI mechanics

Here’s the first video showing off the work I started on a new project nicknamed Sudokil. The game revolves around having to use the command line interface to type commands into the game. Through the CLI, you are able to navigate a file system full of scripts and entities using UNIX like commands. Using the scripts, you can control various entities, devices and machines like robots, doors, cameras and computers.

I started making this game just as practice while warming up for LD30, but recently have picked it back up again because it was an interesting concept. The inspiration for using a command line interface to control a robot originally came from the game Duskers by MisfitsAttic (I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS GAME). As I developed more and more though, I realised the potential of using the CLI for more things like possibly hacking into things. There are quite a few games that have the theme of hacking in them, but very few of them actually resemble hacking in any form at all (a few exceptions like Uplink). I am currently trying to build up my code base of things to use for future games (some boilerplate code for a level editor, main menu, game saves and game preferences) while also playing around with the command line mechanics to see how far I can take them. I usually swap around between working on the game mechanics and the code base I am building because it does get tedious focusing on one for too long.


Strangely enough, after making the video I stumbled upon Quadrilateral Cowboy by Blendo Games (I love his games, my favourite being Atom Zombie Smasher), and it seems to have a few similarities in terms of the CLI. Brendon is a god of game design though, so I might end up having to steal some of his ideas on how to implement the command line mechanic well. From what I have seen so far, the scripting in it seems fairly basic (though the rest of the game looks oh so beautiful), so maybe I can take that aspect a bit further. Unfortunately, focusing on the scripting might put off a lot of people (especially less tech savvy ones), but if I can make a short game that a few people enjoy, I’ll be a happy camper.

Aside from coding, I want to do more research on writing bash scripts and using the UNIX command line terminal. Hopefully I will have some cool new ideas next time, but feel free to give me any suggestions and feedback!

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