Eskimo Run

Title:  Eskimo Run
Developers:  Dominic Mortlock
Genre:  2D Sidescroller
Platform:  PC
Environment:  Java
Development:  26/04/14 – 28/04/14 (2 days)

  • Eskimo Run

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Run! The notorious Pepsi consultant is trying to sponsor the development of your Ludum Dare game. Who knows what he’ll make you do.

Avoid obstacles to keep your speed up, and make sure he doesn’t catch up with you. Dodge walls, spikes and fish to get to the end in the shortest time possible. You can either run on land, or dive into the water. There are generally less obstacles in the water, but you move at a slower speed, and have a limited amount of air. 

This game was made for Ludum Dare 29, where the theme was “Beneath the Surface”.  This is probably my strongest Ludum Dare entry in comparison to any submitted before. I got very lucky, and everything worked out perfectly. I managed to spend less time coding, and more time producing art and creating an aesthetic. I also managed to make music for the first time, but I used one of the random music generators to do so which feels a bit cheaty. While it is a bit buggy, I think it turned out very well overall.

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