Dennise’s Corner #1: PlayCrafting Fall Expo 2016

Hey there all! Yesterday Custard Games attended the Fall Playcrafting Expo in San Francisco for the second year! We have been working really hard on Sudokil, our newest game that is still in the works. Dominic Mortlock our game developer has put in so much effort into making Sudokil an amazing and fun game.

The Playcraft Expo was a great experience to learn and play! We had a lot of people stop by and play Sudokil. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people that stopped by our table to play, talk, or even offer us advise on possible ways to better the game. To make things better we had a ton of pizza for dinner. One of the most awesome encounters was with an eleven year old boy who asked if he could play our game. He immediately dove in and after a few minutes yelled “I get it! This game is awesome!”. He kept stopping by later on in the night only to help adults if they struggled with the game.

All in all our experience with Playcrafting’s Fall Expo was a great one to say the least. We met many new people, had the honour of playing many new games, and showed off our passion along side many talented locals from SF.



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