Dennise’s Corner #1: PlayCrafting Fall Expo 2016

Hey there all! Yesterday Custard Games attended the Fall Playcrafting Expo in San Francisco for the second year! We have been working really hard on Sudokil, our newest game that is still in the works. Dominic Mortlock our game developer has put in so much effort into making Sudokil an amazing and fun game.

The Playcraft Expo was a great experience to learn and play! We had a lot of people stop by and play Sudokil. We had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people that stopped by our table to play, talk, or even offer us advise on possible ways to better the game. To make things better we had a ton of pizza for dinner. One of the most awesome encounters was with an eleven year old boy who asked if he could play our game. He immediately dove in and after a few minutes yelled “I get it! This game is awesome!”. He kept stopping by later on in the night only to help adults if they struggled with the game.

All in all our experience with Playcrafting’s Fall Expo was a great one to say the least. We met many new people, had the honour of playing many new games, and showed off our passion along side many talented locals from SF.



Sudokil Devlog #3.5 – A sneak peek

One month later and I am already late on my plans to do a monthly release. I’ve been hard at work co-ordinating with a very talented artist to create some assets for Sudokil. Current delays are caused by some of the levels not being fully updated to the new art. Instead of staying quiet, I thought I would release a teaser screenshot of what is to come, and put up an experimental nightly beta build for the upcoming alpha v0.3 release. I expect the proper release to be out next week.


Warning: These builds are broken, and not considered stable. Only download if you wish to have a peek at what’s to come. New art is in level 1 and playground-rafal. Press F12 to switch rendering style if you want to play an old level.



Discoblade – A rhythm based swordfighting game

Hi friends! I am working on a new game project called Discoblade.

Discoblade concept art

Rough concept design



A rhythm based swordfighting game where you have to block and attack to the rhythm of the music. You have an enemy in front of you who charges up attacks from various directions, and on the beat, you have to block in the direction that the enemy is attacking. On some beats, you also have the chance to attack the enemy back, and will try to attack in the opposite direction that the enemy is blocking in. So for example if the rhythm goes “dum dum dum tshh”, you would have the actions “block block block attack”.

Discoblade programmer art

Early programmer prototype art


Each level presents a unique setting, with completely different environments, characters and context. I also plan for each level to be created by a different artist and musician who are free to express the game in their personal art styles. So for example, one level might be based in a medieval setting made in pixel art with a chip tuney type background music. Another level might be based in a cyberpunk world using dark illustration type art with a more techno based rhythm. The goal would be to have as much variety as possible, and allow many artists and musicians to be as creative as possible.


The game is currently being developed in Java LibGDX, and is planned to be released on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Planning stage

Internal deadlines

Playable prototype – Right now the plan is to have a playable prototype with one level by the end of July. This will be used see game concept works, experiment with different ideas, and get feedback from players.

Art & Music – I have commissioned an artist and a musician to create the assets for the prototype level.

Discoblade concept designs

Early character designs

Current plans

Gameplay – Score based gameplay where you build your combo multiplier by consecutively blocking and attacking without interruption. Each block and attack will be worth a certain number of base points. Possibly failure state if you fail to block too many.

Leaderboards – Each song should have a unique leaderboard based on score.

Future brainstorming

Mod support – Make it easy for people to create their own levels using their own artwork and music.

Other gamemodes – Thinking about other gamemodes, for example a gamemode where it isn’t based on the rhythm, but just how fast you can react correctly to the enemy.

Own music – Make it easy for players to use their own music library. This will likely be tied to the other gamemodes.

Base score multipliers – At the start of the level, have various options that affect difficulty and score multiplier. Options such as beats per minute, UI toggle, directional helpers, failure state, etc.

Welcome to Custard Games!

Hello, my name is Dominic Mortlock (locknic), and Custard Games is a small brand/site created to showcase the games that I’ve developed over the years. My girlfriend Dennise-Marie Leon is the resident marketing guru here, she handles our social media accounts and works hard on expanding our audience.

Sudokil, our current project, is a game about controlling robots with a unix command line interface. It’s turned into a pretty ambitious game, and I would highly reccomend that you check out it’s page!

Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have. Enjoy!