ASTEROIDS! (the side-scroller)

Title:  ASTEROIDS! (the side-scroller)
Developers:  Dominic Mortlock
Genre:  2D side-scroller
Platform:  PC
Environment:  Java
Development:  27/04/13 – 28/04/13 (2 days)

  • ASTEROIDS! (the side-scroller)

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You play as a rather unfortunate test pilot aboard a “minimalistic” rocket ship (no unnecessary features such as slowing down or landing), who has to attempt to navigate his way through a field of asteroids without getting smashed to a billion pieces!

My first Ludum Dare! I decided to take part in LD26, where the theme was minimalism. I had 48 hours to make a game with this theme, and this is what I managed to come up with. Thanks to the experience and some base code from my previous project The Well, it actually turned out to be pretty easy. I am pretty happy with my results, and look forward to future Ludum Dares. If you want to read more about development, I wrote up a post-mortem!